River Market Restaurant

Our last day in Thailand was pretty quiet; I spent most of it cleaning up my photos and starting to write up my blog posts, but I have to give a quick write-up to the fantastic River Market Restaurant, a beautiful property located just south of the Iron Bridge on the Mae Ping River.

img_7240img_7248 img_7249 img_7256We went there with my parents for our last meal in Chiang Mai, and had a series of fantastic drinks and food. Our appetizer was called “son-in-law eggs,” a tasty deviled egg appetizer with fried shallots on top.

img_7260I ordered their version of Pad See Ew with pork, which was flat-out fantastic, and everyone else’s food looked great, too.

Tamarind glazed ribs

Tamarind glazed ribs

Chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup

Burmese pork curry

Burmese pork curry

Pork pad see ew

Pork pad see ew

Before we left for the airport, Dad went out on his scooter and picked up some mango sticky rice for us. I can’t believe we waited until our last day to have this fantastic and iconic dessert!



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I'm a freelance violist and violinist. I teach private lessons, I read a lot of books, I love to reorganize my closets for fun, I do too many logic puzzles, and I'm obsessed with planning for early retirement.
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