Strawberry Picking

On Saturday, I went strawberry picking at an organic farm (Haneum Farm) outside of Seoul with several other band spouses and a few of their kids. We had a fabulous time, and Korean strawberries are so delicious! We met up at Yongsan Station and took the train for about an hour to Ungilsan Station. From there, we took a local bus, but we missed our stop and ended up walking about 10 minutes until we found the farm. Luckily, we had our awesome friend and band spouse Sejin along, who had taken care of the reservations (Korean only) and translated for us once we were at the farm, since all the instructions were in Korean.


We arrived about 30 minutes before our 11:00 reservation, and they sent us to a warm, humid greenhouse tent to wait. There were lots of games to entertain the kids, and plenty of other families waiting around as well. Eventually, they called our group and we had 30 minutes to pick strawberries inside another greenhouse.

img_7338We were allowed to eat all that we wanted while picking, and we also each filled up a decent-sized carton as we went. Sejin’s first strawberry had a slug on it!


After eating way too many strawberries (I just couldn’t stop, they were so yummy!), we went back in the original tent, where they had makeshift jam-making stations set up for us. Since all of us had signed up for this add-on, we got to work (it was very DIY with little instruction) crushing strawberries and sugar together, then heating up the mixture until it boiled down into a nice thick jam.

img_7354 img_7356 img_7360


Such a fun day!


About Anjali Lind

I'm a freelance violist and violinist. I teach private lessons, I read a lot of books, I love to reorganize my closets for fun, I do too many logic puzzles, and I'm obsessed with planning for early retirement.
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