Food Coma in Hongdae

Last week, I met a friend for lunch at Ciuri Ciuri, a fantastic Italian restaurant in Hongdae. It’s run by a Sicilian couple, and the owner himself waited on us and told us about all the dishes. I can’t wait to go back and try more of the menu! We shared an arancine to start, which is Sicily’s version of this fried rice ball that is found all over Italy (I had a version called suppli in Rome and first fell in love with this food). The rice mixture was a creamy risotto, fried perfectly, and the inside was a prosciutto and béchamel sauce. Ridiculously good!


For the main, I had an amazing ravioli dish flavored with truffles (my favorite!). The desserts looked incredible, but sadly we were out of room at that point.


Next up, we took a nice long after-lunch stroll to Cacao Boom, an artisan chocolate shop. The chocolates looked amazing, as well as the many types of hot chocolate they sell, but I restrained myself and just had a latte, which happened to come with two small chocolates. They were as good as any chocolate I’ve ever had. I will definitely be coming back to this shop!

img_7556 img_7557 img_7558 img_7561


About Anjali Lind

I'm a freelance violist and violinist. I teach private lessons, I read a lot of books, I love to reorganize my closets for fun, I do too many logic puzzles, and I'm obsessed with planning for early retirement.
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