Bangkok Food Tour

A 30-hour layover in Bangkok on our way to Bhutan? Sounds like it’s time for another food tour! Unfortunately, this tour was one of the more lackluster ones that we’ve done. There was some good food, but no real feeling of immersion, no real cultural or sightseeing stops (we briefly paused to look at the exterior of one wat), and no single food that really blew us away. I’m still glad we did it, as it got us out of our hotel and into the city center for a couple of hours, but it can’t hold a candle to the food tours we’ve done in Rome, Seoul, and Chiang Mai.

I will say that the trains here are very easy – we took the airport express in to the city and had two transfers to reach our meeting point, and it was simple and inexpensive.

First up: A Thai-Chinese restaurant where we had tasty roasted duck and crispy pork belly.

Then we went right across the street (this food tour had the least walking I’ve ever done!) to another restaurant where we had a delicious spicy pork dish, along with a salad and minced fish larb.

Next up, a short walk to a Muslim Thai-Indian restaurant, which was mostly my favorite save for one dish. We had Massaman curry spooned over a roti/egg concoction, accompanied by marinated cucumbers.

Another dish was brought out, and our guide encouraged us all to try it before she would tell us what it was. I didn’t hate it, but it was definitely my least favorite food of the day. Anyone want to guess what it is? I’ll write what it is in white text so you can guess and see if you’re right! Cow brains!

Next stop: a bakery run by a chef who used to work at the Mandarin Oriental. We had a fabulous custard bun and a small cup of Thai iced tea. I could eat those buns every day! I know the green doesn’t look very appetizing; I think the guide said it was green tea flavored, but I really couldn’t taste any green tea flavor in the custard.

Our last stop, a quick two hours after the start of our tour, was a more upscale restaurant. We had green curry with fried roti, and a really fabulous coconut ice cream to finish up. By the time we were done, the restaurant was packed; it was clearly a very popular place.

We were done at noon, but since we have to get up really early tomorrow for our flight to Bhutan, we decided to just head back to the hotel and have a relaxed afternoon. I’m not sure how our internet will be in Bhutan, so it may be a while before I get posts up from the trip.


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I'm a freelance violist and violinist. I teach private lessons, I read a lot of books, I love to reorganize my closets for fun, I do too many logic puzzles, and I'm obsessed with planning for early retirement.
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